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The Devil Himself, or a mimicry
United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Horrifying
Operating System: Windows.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Suiseiseki
  • Listening to: Undead- Hollywood Undead
  • Reading: Nothing.
  • Watching: I WOULD be watching Doctor Who... ugh
  • Playing: Nothing.
I'm tired. Expect nothing clever.


- Available: No, actually. Shocker.

- Age: 17

- Annoyance: Come to think of it, not much. I'm pretty passive lately.

- Allergic: Supposedly to cats and dogs, but I only get small rashes when I handle dogs, cats are fine, which is good, because I vastly prefer them.

- Animal: Cats, pandas.

- Actor: I don't watch movies too much, so what was the last one I saw... uhm... damn. Blame my mother.
- Beer: No thanks, drunkie.

- Birthday/Birthplace: 2/23-92, San Diego or La Mesa, California. Can't get a straight answer from anyone, I just know it's California.

- Best Friends: Shel, TLee, Sammy, Dev... ... ...define best? I'll just stick with those three for now.

- Body Part on opposite sex: You never asked this, by the way. Coincidentally, there is an answer, but you won't hear it because it's mushy and sweet and shit.

- Best feeling in the world: When no friends are around, being alone, ie with no mother or father about. When certain friends are, being held, holding them, sitting in Silence. With those same friends, and all the others, sitting, talking, joking around. Hell, walking too. I'm easy to please with those people.

- Blind or Deaf: ...uhm... shit. Blind. I've seen things, I take it for granted, yeah, but I can't live without certain sounds.

- Best weather: Warm, but not so hot that you sweat imme- fuck that. Foggy.

- Been in Love: Mm hm...

- Been b*h'd out?: I live with my mother. My mother is not pleased with my grades. I've gotten a "You're going to flip burgers for the rest of your life" speech, more or less unprovoked, twice during the month of March, with her yelling at me. ... I'm sorry, that was personal, didn't mean to subject the internet to that.

- Been on stage?: "All God's creatures got a place in the choir, some sing low, and some sing higher, some sing out loud on the telephone wire, some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got"... fuck, I still remember that shit...

- Believe in yourself?: Me, no. My ability, yes. My judgment of character, not exactly.

- Believe in life on other planets: I don't see why there wouldn't be. I'm sure life on other planets believes in us, why don't we extend the same courtesy?

- Believe in miracles: By the definition of basically serendipity, "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, yes. As something to rely on, no.

- Believe in Magic: Well, think about it, science is magical. We can shrink thngs, crush things, make things explode, extend life... Fuck Harry Potter, I've got Stephen Hawking.

- Believe in God: No, but I do believe in the great dark lord Atheia.

- Believe in Satan: People can be Satan.

- Believe in Santa: Santa is Satan with one letter flipped. I'm suspecting a connection.

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Why not?

- Believe in Evolution: Considering the fact that if you consistently run out into a busy street you WILL get hit and die painfully, Darwin: 1, Creator: 0.

- Car: Deathtrap.

- Candy: Reese's

- Colour: Normally I'd say combinations of black and red, but I've been getting fond of greys and the combination of green and brown lately...

- Cried in school: Uhm... no, I've always managed to contain myself.

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Both, in one huge orgasmic mountain.

- Chinese/Mexican: Did you just ask me if I'd rather eat a dog or have fatal diarrhea?

- Cake or pie: Cake.

- Countries to visit: Don't much care, but traveling sounds nice. Shame about that money thing.

- Day or Night: Night. Night. Night. Day has annoying people in it. At night, I can pick and choose who I want to see.

- Dream vehicle: "We're a crew of drunken pilots, we're the only Airship Pirates!

- Danced: Yep. It was ok.

- Dance in the rain?: Rain is nice.

- Dance in the middle of the street?: With or without cars?

- Do the splits?: *raises eyebrow, points at male crotch*

- Eggs: In waffles.

- Eyes: Green. I hear they're nice. I call shenanigans.

- Everyone has: "Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes!"

- Ever failed a class?: Nope! But I'm gonna! Fuck yeah summer school.

- First crush: This is privileged information, and a deviantArt journal is not special enough.

- Full name: Brandon Cole Hollis

- First thoughts waking up: "Ah, another magnificent da-- wait. I'm still in my house. Shit."

- Food: *looks upstairs, shrugs, gets some, hands you an orange*

- Greatest Fear: Losing certain people for eeeever and eeever and eeever...

- Goals: Find a crew. Find a Job. keep flying. Yes, I am, in fact, Malcolm Reynolds.

- Gum: Your head.

- Get along with your parents?: Ehehehehehfuck no.

- Good luck charms: *looks at letter in his drawer, diaries in a box a few feet away, and drawing in his folder, shrugs* (in other words, those. Why and what are they? Privileged info)

- Hair Colour: Brown. Used to be blond. Wonder what it'd look like Black.

- Height: *shrugs* Most be closeish to 6 feet by now.

- Happy: Reasonably, yes.

- Holidays: Halloween, yep.

- How do you want to die: As soon as the doctor says I have terminal cancer or some other painful and absolutely unfixable shit, someone bring me all my best friends and loved ones to say goodbye, and then shoot me in the medulla oblongata.

- Health freak?: *shrugs* I try to look nice. Health health, though, is a lost cause, asthma.

- Hate: Oh man the list. I'll spare you.

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: Not picky/not picky, but blue and green are nice.

- Hair Colour: Brunettes, but it seems I like blonde as well.


- Clothing Style: Modest, mouse-colored people... erm, modest. Sluts can burn.

- Characteristics: Nice, funny, tolerant of me and my bullshit, able to tell anything/talk about anything with them, and I must be able to have a way to make them HYPER AS HELL.

- Ice Cream: Are you seriously asking me to judge someone on their favorite Ice cream?

- Instrument: I want to learn guitar, and I used to know Violin.

- Jewelry: Rings. I'm wearing 3 right now.

- Job: "Student", according to dear old mother.

- Kids: *shrug*

- Kickboxing or karate: flail-like-a-little-bitch-and-hit-people-style martial arts.

- Keep a journal?: I write stories. And almost every character in these stories has some little bit of me in them.

- Longest Car Ride: Oh my fucking god never make me ride in a car to Washington DC ever again.

- Love: Is a concept, a modern human construct.

- Letter: All of them. I'm a linguistic nerd.

- Laughed so hard you cried: Every time I laugh, really. I'm easily amused.

- Love at first sight: Considering the serious times took a few months each, hell no.

- Milk flavour: Milk.

- Movie: *shrug*

- Mooned anyone?: Nope.

- Marriage: Sure, why not.

- Motion sickness?: Ugh.

- McD's or BK: Burger King.


- Number of Siblings: 1. Help me.

- Number of Piercings: None.

- Number: Shel's right, 3 is nice.


- Overused Phrases: Ah

- One wish: ...*coughs, averts eyes*

- One phobia: Eheheheheh.


- Place to live: Iunno.

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi, sure.

- Quail: What the fuck, quiz. What the fuck.

- Questionnaires: Are whiny little bitches who I want to track down, chase into the street where they'll be hit with a car I hired, and then I'll drag them back to my place, tie them to a table, and then turn them into a yodeling potato. What's a yodeling potato? You cut off every last one of a person's exterior organs, short of skinning them. Lips, eyelids, fingers, arms, legs, everything. Then you put them in front of a mirror so they stare at themselves and scream. Yodeling potato.

- Reason to cry: Shut it.

- Reality T.V.: is a misnomer.

- Radio Station: *shrug*

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: I guess.

- Song: *shrug*

- Shoe size: 10-12, somewhere in there.

- Sushi: *shrug*

- Skipped school: Nope.

- Slept outside: Yep.

- Seen a dead body?: Yep.

- Smoked?: Those will kill you.

- Skinny dipped?: Nope.

- Shower daily?: Nope.

- Sing well?: My wit died somewhere a bit ago... nope.

- In the shower?: Nope.

- Swear?: Much.

- Stuffed Animals?: Cute.

- Single/Group dates: Well, group dates leads to group sex. So single.

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.

- Scientists need to invent: Eternal youth/life

- Time for bed: When I hit the bed.

- Thunderstorms: Used to be scared, am now relatively indifferent.

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Is beyond me.

- Unpredictable: *shrugs* Nothing, after so long.

- Under the influence?: Someone's influence, yes.

- Understanding?: Very.

- Vegetable you hate: *shrug*

- Vegetable you love: *shrug*

- Vacation spot: *shrug*

- Weakness: I am so lucky that no one realizes I have an EXTREME weakness for cuddles. ...fuck...

- When you grow up: I will be older and uglier.

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: TLee or Sam, I think.

- Who makes you laugh the most: All of them. Way too easily amused.

- Worst feeling: *shrug*

- Wanted to be a model?: Fuck that.

- Where do we go when we die: Don't much care.

- Worst weather: *shrug*

- Walk with a book on your head?: Tape.

- X-Rays: Some.

-Year it is now: 2009.
-Yellow: Is uglyish.

- Zoo animal: Uhm... anything that would kill a lot of people if released.

- Zodiac sign: Pisces/Monkey. Monkeyfish.

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